We offer comprehensive consulting services that can be of real benefit to your next project.  If you are strictly looking to have a non-bias third party review your needs and offer a comprehensive design of your space that would include full schematics, equipment and topologies we can help.  We can provide full bid packages when looking for someone to just help design your spaces and help you open to tender.


We don't discriminate.  Most audio visual companies in the industry tend to focus on one piece of the market such as industrial, commercial or residential.  First Response knows that most of the technology we use have multiple applications.  Most custom audio visual design elements come from residential builds.  Custom touch interfaces, voice control and complex gesture commands seems to be found primarily in residential jobs.  


Our team are experts in audio visual and information technology and have extenisve expertise in commercial applications.  If you are looking to develop small huddle rooms, large multi purpose rooms, or integrated communication spaces, we have the right solution for you. We can help to design and implement a commercial space that will increase the productivity of your team.


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