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Backup Solutions

First Response backup solutions has verification on all backups, easy recovery, insights on the backup and the additional add-on of ransomware detection. Our all-in-one backups are perfect for any business who would like to keep save files safe and recoverable.

Backup Reliability

Incremental snapshots are created so clients can recover from almost any point. Making the backups reliable and accessible to us and the client.

Bringing the Fight to Ransomware

This Ransomware Detection adds an extra level of protection to your backups. This checks clients backups for ransomware and protects them from being corrupted.

Backup Verification
and More

Backup Verification verifies if the snapshot is bootable and verifies if the applications are obtainable currently. 

Not Just Fast Restore, Instant Restore

First Response can easily recover an entire system or a file. Recovery launchpad doesn’t stop at recovery, it facilitates establishing network connectivity ensuring the clients experience minimum downtime and maximum productivity.

Rollback and File Restore

Our backups allow you to restore files systems in working order. And if you only need a couple files users can pull files from and Windows device using iSCSI.

Resync New Data to Recovered Servers

If needed First Response has a solution for adding new data to recovered servers, it is available to any client if and when they need it.

Automatic Updates

Automatic image based push updates to makes sure the client is up to date on the newest software.

Insights on all backups

Identify file and application changes, recover files and applications from the interface. Quick selection of files and restores.

Infinite Cloud Retention

For specific clients with regulatory or compliance requirements, we can offer infinite retention as a replacement for snapshot copies.

5-Minute Backups

Resilient backup process making a 5-minute backup frequency possible. Each snapshot is a fully bootable recovery point.

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