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We provide a wide array of Security and IT solutions.

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About Us

About Us

Based out of Airdrie, Alberta, First Response is an IT business management company that was created by Greg Scobie (Owner) to fulfill the need of many clients in the Calgary, Airdrie and Surrounding Areas to have support and visibility of the IT infrastructure used to operate their businesses.


With over 30 years in Dental, Commercial and Business IT, we put that experience to work for you.  We believe that specializing in only one market diminishes an IT company’s ability to be agile and responsive to new ideas and threats.  First Response takes lessons and best practices from several disciplines and builds what we believe is a broader more hardened and tested model for keeping your business safe with the right products and support. 


We also know that markets such as Dental have special considerations such as PIPPIDA, PIA’s and specialized equipment.  Building management with PCI compliance...  However, some of these considerations and special needs are very similar in scope.  All markets have these specific special considerations.  But imagine taking the best from these markets and mixing them to build a stronger more robust environment.  That is what we do for you and your business.


Take some time today to reach out for a free onsite assessment to see where we can help you build the safe, robust, client friendly and employee centric IT and network environment.


We look forward to hearing from you!


IT and Managed Services

Versatile networks that offers reliability, security, performance and ROI?  First Response is the medical practitioner solution provider that prides itself on security. This includes services such as firewalls, segregated network philosophy, with network monitoring all for a very low price. Secure your practice and protect your business with our tested and true services. 

Cyber Security

What is Cyber Security?  It is a practice to protect all facets of your digital equipment. It holds a standard of securing network traffic which protects you against digital attacks. There are many tools we use to ensure that your network, PC equipment and peripherals are safe. This includes enterprise grade networking appliances, cloud monitoring, enterprise malware and virus scanning, and mitigation tools such as backup devices that also scan for files which are meant to compromise your network and digital assets. 

What We Do


First Response is licensed to offer Surveillance hardware, installation and monitoring services. We understand how to ensure the best angles, the rules around surveillance and how best to utilize these systems. 


First Response offers cost effective commercial security for medical clinics, retail and commercial. Wireless thin door window sensors, motion detection, and glass break sensors are used to ensure that all entrances to the building are covered. 

Business Continuity

Do you have a Business Continuity Plan? This plan should include how to recover from a disaster and how you mitigate your risk. It should also include redundancies that you have built into your network, power, software, external communication and backups. If you take any data offsite it should be encrypted. That includes backups, phones, USB devices…   


Meet The Team

Joline Scobie

Joline has over 20 years of customer service experience in managerial roles. 

She is currently focused on building the First Response customer experience model.

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Greg Scobie

Greg is a Industry leader with over 30 years of experience in consulting, design, project management, service and installation within the IT framework. He has vast experience in the medical/dental and building management IT world. 

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Meet The Team
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